Smart enough to be slow

Gaio does not store the data within the proprietary structured file. The home of the data is the best engine to manage it… databases. For small deployments, the data repository could be MySQL, however, for large and scalable needs, the best alternative is to use MemSQL®, a high performance distributed database and in-memory.

You make visual transformations on Gaio and we solve everything inside the database. This means that the Gaio Server does not need to be huge like other platforms. Performance is amazing.

Data movement between databases and Gaio Repository

The data resulting from your analytical processes are stored into databases. This means that any Technology which connect to the database can access your analyzed data.

In our lab, we retrieve data from a table with a bilion rows in miliseconds. Gaio retrieve the results and shows charts and table reports.

The cluster used is this lab, has modest 5 machines with MemSQL:

  • Celeron Dual Core processor
  • 4gb RAM memory
  • 120 SSD storage