Connect to Multiple Data Sources

Combine data from different data sources in a high performance environment.

Transform your Data as you Need

Using many data preparation tasks, your data will be really ready to be shown in charts and table reports.

Taks in Gaio Studio

Sequence Analysis with an Easy drag-and-drop Data Workflow

Build a data flow with sequences of analysis, getting the exact information you need to make decisions.

Analytical Process in Gaio Studio


Generate tables e files with your data preparation processes, which can be finally be sent to other systems or be shown in charts and table reports.

After analyzing data, you can show this in one of many charts and tables available. These results will be added to a dashboard, that can be accessed by everyone who has permission in a web browser. Itʼs as easy as reading this text.

If you want to send large amounts of data to outside Gaio, you can generate and save Text Files (CSV), Spreadsheets (MS Excel) or store the data into some databases, like MySQL or MemSQL.


From any application used in your organization, it’s possible to request the execution of a specific analytical process in Gaio. This means that you request some information from Gaio that is the result of an analytical process.

For example, you may need to get the probability of a customer cancelling a service or committing fraud. You send gaio some data about the customer, then an analytical process is executed and brings back to you all the data you need to make your decision, that is shown in an Application that you are comfortable using.