The Magical 30 days

30 days for the transformation to be made into data-driven. At the end of this period, as well as just skills, your company will have 10 Analytical Apps running and a team ready to bring in more results. After this immersion, periodic workshops can be offered during a year.

We start the transformation by preparing the tech environment to support all people accessing the Gaio Server. This means installing Gaio on the server, importing users, preparing groups, importing the Microsoft Active Directory® if necessary, preparing Boards by department and much more. Another important setup is the Gaio Repository, a database which will store all the data analyzed in Gaio.

Engagement… that is the word to describe this moment. The purpose is to show how important it is to be data driven. At this moment, we bring in experts on the subject to share trends and to explain the easiest way to explore Gaio within your organization. Using Design Thinking methodology, this workshop combines presentations and actions from employees, bringing together ideas to develop analytical apps. In practical terms, those who attend this event will see Gaio in action, get to know advanced analytics concepts and examples and understand how to prepare data.

During these five days your team will be completely prepared to capture maximum value from Gaio, transforming data into results. Three training sessions will be given on site. From basic management to using an API combined with Gaio, all will be shown. To get more information about training, access the link below.

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After training your team will start to build analytical apps. For two weeks our Gaio experts will help you on site to build extremely relevant analytical apps and use all the potencial of Gaio. After this short time, your organization will have 10 apps ready to use. This is the challenge for your team with our help.

This is the moment to prove that data driven time has arrived at your organization. Your team will show what they have done in this month and our expert will talk about the next steps to going deeper into the data driven age. The opportunities identified during the month will be presented and your team will be energized to go far beyond the technology, transforming your business.

Capture all power of Gaio with official training.

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Deploy Gaio into scalable environment, from 10 to hundred of thousands of users.

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Open the eyes of your analysts to bring out the maximum value from data.

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