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Connecting 8 worlds on the same platform. Data analysis, dashboards, social knowledge, forms, task management, dynamic content, APIs & cognitive technology

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The definitive platform for data driven companies

Analysts from different departments such as Marketing, Finance, Sales, Operations and many others, can now build highly sophisticated apps without a single line of code. Using drag-and-drop functions, connect to many data sources, transform the data, build dashboards, track actions to improve the business. Communication around the data improves relationships throughout the company. No installation required by client users.

Gaio Features


Point and click Analytics made for analysts by analysts

Build your own analytical apps and share with the whole organization. No matter how much data you need to use.

Cognitive Technology

Voice Recognition

Speak… Gaio understands what you need, gather data, makes analysis and answers to your questions

Advanced Analytics

With a voice command is possible to do predictions and have direction of what to do

User Identification

Gaio recognizes who the user is and bring personalized information


Gaio is ready for multiple language. Set your language in profile and you will be ready to ask questions

Mutilple Data Sources

Connect easily to databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and others, dragging-and-dropping tables. Using our API, connect to any other source


Discover patterns, compare values from differents time periods, and easily calculate any kind of statistics

Data Workflow

Build a data workflow which you can transform your data, combine multiple data sources, use parameters and build charts and table reports


After build the data workflow, schedule its execution to repeat frequently or to execute once at a predefined date and hour

Data Analysis

Connected Dashboards


Interconnect hundreds of dashboards choosing only the target dashboard and parameters to send to it

What-if Scenarios

Combining forms with charts and tables, you can build what-if scenarios and share them with any group of users

Share Charts & Tables

Build dashboards easily from data workflows and share them with any group of users

True Analytics

Instead of only connect to database tables when you access a dashboard, in Gaio a whole analytical process is executed, bringing unlimited possibilities


When exploring dashboards, you can comment any chart or table. This message could be send to any group of users


Every message sent to groups that you are tagged, will be shown at your home page in Gaio Portal. You can share with other people and tranform them into task to be tracked


Everybody in your company will be known. Anywhere on the platform, it will be possible to click on picture of people and get information about them

About me

On your profile page, everyone can know a little about you. Your education, experience, interests and what you are doing. You can add 5 pics about your personal life. Now everybody will know who you are



Track Activities

In the board, it’s clear what needs to be done, what is being done and what has already been done. You can build boards for projects, routine, departments and so on

Get things done

Define responsible person, due date, co-workers and label to keep track. It is a perfect way to report your activities

Work together

Share boards with colleagues to transform ideas into great results. Comment tasks and maintain communication  with all

Data driven actions

The main start point to define a task is from a message created by discoveries on dashbaords. However, any kind of card could be created

Capture data easily

You can choose between two ways to capture data. Build a form or create a table that can be edited in line. Both are added to dashboards

Insert, delete & update data

The Smart Form gives to users, the power to change the data of predefined table

Build Sophisticated Apps

Adding forms to charts and tables to gain analytical power by mix input and output data

Inline Edit Data

No needs to load other pages or refresh the same one. The user can easily change data into tables 


Big Data

High Speed

Parallel processing. The database behind Gaio, can use hundreds servers and request search data in parallel. Lightning fast

Advanced Analytics

All the data preparation process can be done in Gaio. When data is read, build a model in your favorite tool (Knime, R, …). Then, bring easily the scoring to Gaio and automate it.

High Volume

Bilions records in real time. You can choose to store data into memory or on disk. Either way, the data is stored where it fits better, on the database


Unlimited users, memory, servers, core processors, storage and everything else. Full power to analysis for FREE

Get Data

Any app can request data from Gaio. Each RestFul request starts an analytical process in Gaio and retrieve a JSON file to the app

Complex Event Processing

The gaio analytical process built by an analyst get the parameters sent by API request and can do any kind of analysis and tranformation before delivering results to the app

Integration (APIs)

Gaio in 8 minutes

See Gaio in action. How to use all features together, build analytical apps and make your business data driven.



Get official training from Gaio.

Gaio Analytics (15 hours)
Focus on analysts from different departments, bringing the essential features to develop analytical apps.

Gaio Advanced (15 hours)
Sophisticated features like API integration are the focus of this training. Design for analysts who have already done Gaio Analytics training.

Gaio Admin (7 hours)
Designed for those who will manage the Gaio environments and databases connected to it.


At any time, you can be in touch with our experts, to keep your environment always ready.


After training, we can help your analysts to get analytical apps into production


We connect you to our certified partners and professionals.


Get things done right. We can help you to optmize Gaio at your company. Deploy Gaio to get ready for scaling.

We can help you to integrate different databases to Gaio, as well as the repository (Database which stores data from all analytical apps).

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