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BIG DATA ANALYTICS: 5 Features that Empower the Big Data Professional

There is a consensus among executives and Big Data professionals: more than just storing a vast amount of data and quickly finding information, Big Data generates returns for companies because it has the ability to swiftly find value for their customers, allowing them to deliver quality services and thus increase their revenue.

As customers dynamically change their preferences, Big Data must also manage dynamically the vast volume of data collected continuously; otherwise, it loses its value.

Maximizing positive impact can be an objective and justification for investing in Big Data. However, this requires the integration of three indispensable production factors in the process of mining, analyzing, and drawing conclusions with this fantastic technology:

  • People,
  • Processes,
  • Analytical Tools.

Conceptually, we argue that an analytical tool should consider three basic competencies over time:

  • Unveiling the past – For example, through dashboards that connect to multiple data sources and manipulate information in a user-friendly manner.
  • Understanding the present – Allowing analysts to interact with the tool in a user-friendly way, such as accessing real-time data using voice commands.
  • Anticipating the future – Predictive models are essential for guiding what should be done based on what has been revealed from the past.

These concepts are fully explored by the GAIO tool, a Big Data Analytics solution that empowers Big Data professionals in organizations without limits.

Among the resources offered by the GAIO solution, five stand out that facilitate and empower Big Data professionals:

  1. Dashboard – A panel for data connection, transformations, and chart creation. The dashboard is available for access but also allows messages to be sent to the team and, if necessary, to other stakeholders.
  2. Natural Language – With the 21st-century revolution, interaction with machines and robots is increasingly present. The Gaio solution allows for information retrieval from the past, obtaining forecasts, directions for increasing sales, reducing costs, optimizing business operations, all with simple voice commands!
  3. Simple Operation – The Gaio Dashboard panel is more than just charts. It allows for the construction of environments that can be used at the operational level, where information from various systems is presented and data can be entered by different employees.
  4. Forecasting – The goal of Big Data, the Gaio solution anticipates customer behavior, predicts what they want to buy, if they want to cancel, if they will be able to pay a debt, and even what price they would accept for your product. The possibilities are limitless.
  5. Data Preparation – A tool with extensive possibilities must have great power to work with data by combining information from various databases, integrating with other systems via API, automating data preparation, and loading billions of rows. The Gaio solution is well-prepared to meet the most demanding professionals and the most innovative organizations.

In addition, one of the facilitators is that Gaio simplifies consolidation in a browser-type environment – or Internet browser – thus enabling companies to speed up the preparation process.

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