Your Privacy
at Gaio

Rest assured, at Gaio your privacy is protected.

We will not have access to the data entered into our system, as this information will remain within your infrastructure and under your total control.

Your Data,


Gaio is very concerned with data privacy and security, and therefore adopts a series of measures to protect information, in addition to having a fully implemented data protection compliance program.

Regarding the data entered into Gaio’s solution, there are a few points our Clients need to know:

We act as data controllers for personal data related to our clients, meaning that once you choose to use our services, we will request some information and make decisions to provide our service in the best and safest way possible.
We act as data processors for personal data of third parties inserted into our solutions by our contracting clients. This means we process data based on the decisions of our clients, who are the data controllers. This includes data from affiliated users, collaborators, clients, among others
We do not have control over the data that client companies request through the platform or input into their environments in the solution. This means that Gaio’s contracting entity is responsible for informing the data subject about any data processing carried out through the platform, as well as fulfilling its obligations as a data controller.

1. Who controls the data entered into the Gaio system?

We do not have control over the data that Client companies enter into the solution. This means that the company contracting Gaio is the data controller and responsible for making relevant decisions about its processing.

2. What is Gaio's role in the processing of personal data entered into the system?

We are operators of the personal data entered into our solutions, meaning we only provide the technology for our Clients to make decisions. This includes data from Linked Users, employees, clients, among others.

3. Does Gaio store or monitor the data entered into the system?

We do not store any data and do not perform monitoring. The information is not stored on our servers and will be in our Clients’ environments. Thus, the data is entered into Gaio’s solution, but this solution will be within the contracting company’s infrastructure.

4. How do we ensure the security of this information?

Gaio is highly concerned with the security of its systems. Therefore, it maintains a secure environment, considering the scope of the processing, through technical measures compatible with international standards and by promoting the use of best practices, which includes an information security risk analysis and the implementation of effective and well-disseminated Information Security Policies.

5. Do we share data?

Gaio does not share, transfer, or commercialize data entered into our system. This information is under the total control of the contracting company. We only provide a technological solution to facilitate the lives of our Users.

6. Who is responsible for the data processing carried out in the Gaio solution?

The data controller, our Client. Gaio does not have access to the personal data entered into the system, and therefore, has no control over the actions of its Users.

Additionally, it is our Client’s duty to respond to data subject requests, as Gaio will not have access to them.

For further clarification, please contact us through our exclusive privacy communication channel at:
[email protected]